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Buying American, Losing America

By Dan Steinbock Recently, President Trump signed his “Buy American, Hire American” executive order. Ironically, while the stated goal is to put “America First,” the White House may actually subsidize old industries and undermine innovation. Recently, President Trump traveled to Wisconsin to sign the “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, which seeks to crack down […]

Gold, Silver, and Millennials

By Money Metals News Service Much of the world, but especially North America, is undergoing systemic transformation on a variety of complex, interconnected levels. A quickening of the knowledge revolution will bring about rapid innovations, serving to define – and redefine – what we understand about our world and how to go about living in […]

Amazon-Proof: The Blueprint for Surviving the Retail Apocalypse

By We all know that Amazon Inc. (AMZN) has completely disrupted the retail space. With more consumers doing much of their shopping online — many retail companies are living on borrowed time. Especially when you consider that almost half of U.S. households are now Amazon Prime subscribers, according to a report from Consumer Intelligence […]

AudioEye Is Rapidly Making the Internet Accessible to All

Source: Streetwise Reports   04/25/2017 AudioEye’s innovative technology, which makes the internet available to people with disabilities, has led to rapid growth for the company. Up to 15% of people worldwide have a disability that affects their ability to use the internet. Issues include blindness and low vision, hearing impairments and deafness, limited motor control, and […]

Global Silver Mining Industry Productivity Falls; Lowest in History

By Money Metals News Service After the Primary Silver Mining Industry enjoyed a brief increase in productivity over the past two years, it fell to the lowest ever in 2016. The reason the primary silver mining industry’saverage yield increased in 2014 was due to the addition of Tahoe Resources high-grade Escobal Silver Mine. Tahoe’s Escobal […]

Gold Is 1% Shy of Ripping Higher

Source: Lior Gantz for The Gold Report   04/24/2017 Precious metals are on the verge of a legendary move, says Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group, and details the indicators he watches for. With the first round of the French elections over and a potential beginning of the end for the Eurozone might be within […]

Large Cu-Ag Maiden Resource From East Russia!

By Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA [email protected]:// Azarga Metals Corp. [TSX-V: AZR] owns a 60% interest (with a call option to move to 100%) of the Unkur Copper-Silver project (“Unkur”) in eastern Russia.  Unkur is a high-grade deposit that was actively drilled and defined during the Soviet era. It had several mineral resource estimates done, but none were (are) NI 43-101 compliant.  The following […]

Chinese Internet Leaders Will Shake the World

By Dan Steinbock A decade ago, Chinese internet companies were still marginal internationally. Today, they are world-class industry innovators. In the internet economy, the leadership is shifting from the advanced West to the emerging East. Today, China’s leading internet companies rival their counterparts in the West in terms of scale, value and innovation. Yet, their […]

Rates Revolution – US Treasuries: Technology for a Fragmenting Market

NEW YORK — Celent has released a new report titled Rates Revolution — US Treasuries: Technology for a Fragmenting Market. The report was written by Brad Bailey, a Research Director with Celent’s Securities & Investments practice. In this report, Celent looks at the US treasury market and the remapping of banks’ fixed income infrastructure. Banks […]

Debt Ceiling Showdown & Tax Cut Unveiling

By Money Metals News Service Another Potential Government Shutdown… Oh My! The U.S. Congress runs up against their self-imposed borrowing limit once again this week. During the last tussle over the borrowing cap in October 2015, Congress agreed to schedule this week’s political theater to occur well after last Fall’s elections. They didn’t even bother […]

The Rise of New French Gaullism

By Dan Steinbock After the first round of the French presidential election, “center-right” Macron and “radical right” Le Pen are positioned for a face-off. However, the real story of the election is that Le Pen’s agenda has shifted the political landscape toward new French Gaullism.  At the eve of the French election, A gunman opened fire on the […]

Why have all those Yanks gone crazy over marijuana?

By Adinah Brown So, I just received one of those unusual emails with an attachment for the next big investment. Unsurprisingly, the subject line was “controversial silicon valley venture capitalist declares, if you do not invest in xxxx right now, you will regret it for the rest of your life.” Stronger words have not been […]

Jack Chan’s Weekly Gold and Silver Update: Trends Are Up

By The Gold Report Source: Jack Chan for The Gold Report   04/22/2017 Technical analyst Jack Chan charts upward trends in the precious metals markets.   Our proprietary cycle indicator is up. The gold sector is on a long-term buy signal. Long-term signals can last for months and years and are more suitable for investors holding […]

​The Value of Trading Contracting Triangles and Wave Corrections

By Admiral Markets Dear Traders, Many traders appreciated last month’s article with my most favourite wave patterns. Being able to recognise wave 3 and “end of the trend” scenarios makes sense even for non-Elliott Wave traders. This article adds another two patterns, which I think are relatively simple to identify. That is a win-win for […]

COT Report: US Dollar bets edge higher while Gold & WTI Crude bets rise

By Here is a short summary and this week’s links (below) to the latest Commitment of Traders changes. Speculators slightly edged their bullish bets of the US dollar higher last week for a second week although the recent weekly changes have been subdued and the overall level has remained in a very tight range […]

How the French Elections May Affect the Financial Markets

By Admiral Markets On 18 March, the Constitutional Council of France announced that 11 candidates had fulfilled the conditions to participate in the first round of presidential elections, due to be held on 23 April. The Constitutional Council noted that the first round candidates will be François Fillon (The Republicans); Benoît Hamon (Socialist Party); Emmanuel […]