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Belarus cuts rate by 100 bps for sixth month in a row

By     The central bank of Belarus cut its benchmark refinancing rate by 100 basis points for the sixth month in a row and said the possibility of further rate cuts would be determined by the continued easing of the risks to inflation.      The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus […]

Kyrgyzstan maintains rate to stimulate economy

By      The central bank of the Kyrgyz Republic left its key discount rate at 5.0 percent, saying keeping the rate at this level will continue to stimulate economic activity in the absence of external and internal inflationary risks.      The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (NBKR) has kept its rate steady […]

Tuesday dominated by Central Bankers

Article by ForexTime World stocks were mostly mixed on Tuesday as markets braced for an intense trading session dominated by the financial heavyweights ECB Mario Draghi, BoE Mark Carney and Fed head Janet Yellen all in focus. Asian shares turned in a mixed performance amidst an air of caution while the absence of appetite for […]

Rwanda cuts rate 25 bps as inflation decelerates

By     Rwanda’s central bank eased its policy stance for the third quarter of this year by cutting its key repo rate by 25 basis points to 6.0 percent, citing decelerating inflation, easing pressure on the exchange rate of the Rwandan franc and development in monetary aggregates.     It is the first change […]

Will the range bound trading continue the week ahead?

Article by ForexTime Last week the financial markets experienced a very low volatility in equities, fixed income, and currency exchanges. The S&P 500 moved within 23 points trading range. Similarly, the U.S. 10-year Treasury bonds were stuck in a six basis points trading range, and FX markets were incredibly boring for many traders. Although oil […]

This week in monetary policy: Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Czech Republic, Moldova, Fiji, Angola, Bulgaria and Dominican Republic

By     This week (June 25 through Jul 1) central banks from 8 countries or jurisdictions are scheduled to decide on monetary policy: Kyrgyz Republic, Argentina, Czech Republic, Moldova, Fiji, Angola, Bulgaria and the Dominican Republic.     Following table includes the name of the country, the date of the next policy decision, the […]

Brexit one-year on….. What next?

Article by ForexTime It’s remarkable that today marks exactly one year since Britain voted to leave the European Union, yet Sterling still remains at depressed levels with the currency struggling to nurse the deep Brexit wounds. Although there was some optimism in the latter half of 2016 when economic data unexpectedly displayed resilience against Brexit, […]

Uganda cuts rate 100 bps on subdued growth prospects

By      Uganda’s central bank lowered its Central Bank Rate (CBR) by a further 100 basis points to 10.0 percent, saying continued monetary easing is appropriate as prospects for economic growth remain weak and inflationary pressures are subdued.     The Bank of Uganda (BOU) has now cut its rate by 200 basis points […]

US-China Trade amid America’s New Uncertainty

By Dan Steinbock As the White House is preparing to a political war for its survival, the Trump-Xi 100 day plan should overcome long-term pressures on US-China ties. After the two-day summit at Mar-a-Lago, the US and China announced a 100-day plan to improve strained trade ties and boost cooperation between two nations. Soon thereafter, […]

The Trump White House under Siege

By Dan Steinbock Washington is planning to extend sanctions against Russia, once again. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is getting ready to cope with a special counsel’s investigation which seems to focus as much on Trump as Russia. Last Wednesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned that Congress should not pass any legislation that would undercut […]

The Greenback and the Fed: A Supportive Relationship

On Wednesday, 14 June 2017, the Fed FOMC wrapped up a 2-day meeting. The decision to raise the federal funds rate (FFR) by 25-basis points was an important one. This marks the second rate hike of the year, signaling a dramatic change in monetary policy for the US since the global financial crisis. Currently, the […]

Turkey is running low on friends and down on its currency

By Adinah Brown Back in April of this year, Turkey underwent a referendum that put Recep Tayyip Erdogan into the position of President with practically unlimited powers. The changes which demolished the legislature, established the autocratic rule of the nation by one man. An ambitious achievement, it wasn’t achieved all that easily. Firstly, Erdogan had […]

BIS defends globalization though gains not evenly spread

By     The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which reflects the thinking among central bankers across the word, has launched a passionate defense of the economic benefits of globalization but acknowledged the subsequent rise in income has not been evenly spread and called for sound domestic policies to help those who are negatively […]

After the Fed & BoE surprises, what to expect the week ahead?

Article by ForexTime Last week central bankers took many traders by surprise. It started with the Federal Reserve’s monetary decision on Wednesday. The 25-basis points interest rate hike was fully priced in for several weeks, but many market participants expected a dovish statement due to the softness in recent economic data. However, the statement was […]

This week in monetary policy: Uganda, Hungary, Morocco, Paraguay, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Norway and Mexico

By     This week (June 18 through June 24) central banks from 9 countries or jurisdictions are scheduled to decide on monetary policy: Uganda, Hungary, Morocco, Paraguay, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Norway and Mexico.     Following table includes the name of the country, the date of the next policy decision, the current policy rate, […]

Jordan raises policy rates a further 25 bps

By       Jordan’s central bank raised all its monetary policy rates by 25 basis points, effective June 18, in response to rising global and regional interest rates.      The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) raised its benchmark rate, the one-week repurchase rate, to 3.75 percent and has now raised it by […]